Colours to wear for 2024 

Every six months there’s a feeling of excitement and a buzz about what clothing designers are going to create, delight and tempt us with. Elora, Wear Two and Part Two are no exception. It’s that desire for Newness that is so exhilarating. Even clothing designers need advice though and that’s seeking inspiration about fabric textures […]

Packing The Suitcase

weekend capsule wardrobe

Why is it even called a suitcase? Well, I know why, but it’s a bit old-fashioned now even with the trouser suit a must-have item for the season. We don’t wear lots of suits anymore, do we? This lack of a 2 piece can make packing and outfit coordination a bit more difficult, and cause […]

Let’s talk denim

Denim is the perfect fabric and denim jeans must be the most versatile trouser in your wardrobe.

Wait though, Which Shape jeans? Which Colour ? What length ? What denim treatment?
Dark ,Distressed, Bleached, Embroidered, Boyfriend, Bootleg, Cropped, Wide leg ,7/8 ,Flared ,Skinny……

Colours will inspire you – The psychological impact of colour

15 years ago, I was trained to tell clients what colours suited them best according to Hair, Skin and Eye colour. Now after years of providing this service to many clients I have done much more research on colour and there are many, many more benefits to wearing colour than just suiting it and looking […]


I have a few memories of doing sponsored walks and collecting coins by shaking a tin on streets from a young age, as I grew up in a family which was willing to give to others. It was part of my upbringing and something must have stayed with me . Of course now I understand […]

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