Packing The Suitcase

weekend capsule wardrobe

Why is it even called a suitcase? Well, I know why, but it’s a bit old-fashioned now even with the trouser suit a must-have item for the season. We don’t wear lots of suits anymore, do we? This lack of a 2 piece can make packing and outfit coordination a bit more difficult, and cause […]

Let’s talk denim

Denim is the perfect fabric and denim jeans must be the most versatile trouser in your wardrobe.

Wait though, Which Shape jeans? Which Colour ? What length ? What denim treatment?
Dark ,Distressed, Bleached, Embroidered, Boyfriend, Bootleg, Cropped, Wide leg ,7/8 ,Flared ,Skinny……

Colours will inspire you – The psychological impact of colour

15 years ago, I was trained to tell clients what colours suited them best according to Hair, Skin and Eye colour. Now after years of providing this service to many clients I have done much more research on colour and there are many, many more benefits to wearing colour than just suiting it and looking […]


I have a few memories of doing sponsored walks and collecting coins by shaking a tin on streets from a young age, as I grew up in a family which was willing to give to others. It was part of my upbringing and something must have stayed with me . Of course now I understand […]

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