Packing The Suitcase

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Why is it even called a suitcase?

Well, I know why, but it’s a bit old-fashioned now even with the trouser suit a must-have item for the season.

We don’t wear lots of suits anymore, do we?

This lack of a 2 piece can make packing and outfit coordination a bit more difficult, and cause anxiety when packing for trips.

Well, here’s a few tips to make it easier. Like everything in life planning and pre-preparation will make the actual act of packing so much quicker and stress-free.

  • Start thinking a few weeks before and give yourself enough time to find a new item if that is a need.
  • Sit down with a drink and make some notes:
    1. Where are you travelling to?
    2. How many days and evenings?
    3. What’s the weather forecast?
    4. Why are you going?
    5. What impression are you hoping to give?
    6. What Activities and events?

Once these questions are answered it’s a lot easier as you can plan each day and then the appropriate clothes.

With the cost of luggage as the new hidden extra, we want the less is more approach.

Versatile clothes that work well with other clothes and colours. Make the clothes work hard! I was a heavy packer for far too long but kicked the habit with the prohibitive cost.

I always think of 3 to 4 colours only if it’s a weekend. If you love the print and it’s a multi-pattern that’s fine but make sure it works with other things UNLESS it’s the Statement piece for the main event.

Neutral colours are so important here. Black, Navy, Chocolate, Taupe, Cream or White. These can form the basis of your outfit. Choose 2 and find some of these items in those 2 colours in your wardrobe.

  • Trousers/skirt
  • Blouse /top
  • Dresses
  • Jacket /cardi

On to the 3rd/4th Colour. Let’s say orange and gold as an example. They can be worn together to add more options.

Find items in your wardrobe that coordinate.

Points to note:

What you wear travelling can be worn again and with that in mind choose fabrics that don’t crease too much for ease. (Wear lots to the airport i.e., Coat, scarf, and bag as you don’t get charged for wearing clothes at the airport (at least not yet)
  • Scarves are brilliant here as they are light in weight / versatile in use (sarongs) and they bring neutrals to life.
Now it’s time to physically go to the wardrobe and make up the outfits.
  • Every item e.g., a great pair of trousers could get at least 2 wears.

Do not put anything into the suitcase unless it can be worn a few times with a few other pieces. Be ruthless! This is where you spend the time visualising the activities and events so you know you will look appropriate.

Do not take just-in-case pieces unless you are really unsure of dress code /weather (really, you will probably know both of those pieces of info BEFORE you go away)

  • Shoes and Accessories

I find a gold bag and shoes (silver or neutral) fit the bill and can be used many times. Don’t forget you have what you wore on the plane as extra shoes /accessories.

  • Necklaces and Jewellery

Keep simple and neutral so you can wear them all the time with maybe a statement item to dazzle and surprise.

  • Underwear

I’m only going to say make sure it’s enough and it works underneath the items you brought.

Selection should take place at the same time as choosing clothes.

Once the case is closed try to resist opening it and throwing in a few extras. If you have done your preparation you won’t need to.

Happy packing! I would love to hear if this has helped you.

Carole Ann x (Truly)


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