Colours to wear for 2024 

Every six months there’s a feeling of excitement and a buzz about what clothing designers are going to create, delight and tempt us with.

Elora, Wear Two and Part Two are no exception. It’s that desire for Newness that is so exhilarating.

Even clothing designers need advice though and that’s seeking inspiration about fabric textures and colours. Let’s take Colour. The whole process of deciding colours begins up to 2 years before you see the clothing on the high street. 

Colour trends come about through discussions with experts in the field and the needs and wants of the client.  Every clothing designer has slightly different customers so you get different colours and tones BUT  there are most certainly colour Themes for each season.

I’m going to talk Pantone. This a company that catalogues and produces every colour in the world. Lucky for us Pantone has produced their British and American Colour trends for the next 6 months. 

Lets talk what is in vogue right now. Back to Pantone to see what’s in store ( or I should say in my studio)!

Pantone focus on British and American colours: Here are the top 10 standout colours and 5 new core classics for both countries. These are chosen for our fashion market. As you can see there’s crossover and similarity. I hope you love the variety. Blues, Greens, Orange/Orange reds are the very strong trends for this season, they will make your outfits pop and get you noticed. 

Spring 2024 For London Fashion Week

Standout Colours

Classic Colours

Spring 2024 For New York Fashion Week

Standout Colours

Classic Colours

In terms of neutrals, they will already be in your wardrobe, they are the backbone of your wardrobe and get worn with all the other colours you own.

All the colour types you could be (WARM COOL LIGHT DEEP SOFT CLEAR) suit neutrals in one tone or another. White of course is there… a staple in all our wardrobes… Strangely not all colouring types suit brilliant white but dont worry there’s a white for all of you. 

Now all you have to do is choose the additions you want in your wardrobe. 

Im a Colour Consultant so if you want to know what exactly suits you get in touch. I will analyse you based on your hair, skin and eye colour. It’s a 1 and a 1/2 hour session. I also do a session on what colour psychology. This tells you what colours do for your mood as well as affecting those around you.  Colour has different signifiance to Different cultures so perhaps its pertinent to be aware. Details of consultations are on Website (

Come to the studio and see for yourself what a burst of colour there is… so lovely after the darkness of winter. I cant wait….


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