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Services to help you Organise and Maximise their Versatility

Are there clothes for every occasion, whether it be work, evening functions, weekend or loungewear? This service will give you CLARITY on how your wardrobe works for you and your lifestyle. 

Are you someone who has many clothes in your wardrobe but never the right outfit for that special occasion?  If you are  uncertain and lack confidence about how to combine your clothes into a stunning outfit, I can help give you clarity.

 We  delve into your wardrobe and look at the clothes you already own. I will review your clothes and accessories and make suggestions on how to maximise what you have.

Scarves are fabulous! Are you a fan of scarves? I love them and have many. Why? Because they are outfit gamechangers.
A plain, dare I say, dull outfit can be brought to life with a scarf, making you feel more confident and looking more stylish to your audience.

Are you fed up never knowing what really suits you and why some clothes just don’t make the best of your best assets? I’ll help you understand how your body shape and proportion and indeed your style personality dictates what suits you best


Services to help you Maximise your Look for your Lifestyle

This is an introductory service for us to get to know each other. We will look at your current image and discover what look you want to achieve and the fashion direction you want to go in. 

This service identifies your body shape and proportions. Assessing your silhouette allows me to give you a customised guide to demonstrate what specific clothes and accessories will flatter your individual shape.

Do you need an outfit for an upcoming interview, new job, special event, etc?

I can help you find that perfect new outfit (super-quick if necessary).

Ethical and sustainable fashion has been in the news a lot recently, and is an area we all need to be aware of. In this service I will help you find the best brands that are in line with your principles.

Have you ever looked at someone on television, film or online and wondered where they got their clothes from and how much they would cost? I’ll help you find the actual item — or better still, the best version of it — at a price that suits your budget.


Free shopping services for Brands I am a Distributor for. Have them in my studio and online.

FREE shopping experience with me, either by yourself or with as many friends as you can muster (up to 10 in my studio, as per current government guidelines; unlimited on Zoom). I will present the collection to you and you get all my styling advice.


FREE shopping experience to explain this beauty and skincare range. Temple Spa is an award-winning skincare company based in Littlehampton, Sussex. Their formulas are anti-aging, cruelty-free and botanical.

Did you get a bit stuck, wanting to change your look and not only with your clothes, but with hairstyles and make-up too. I can give you advice on how to update your make-up and tell you which make-p looks and colours suit your skin, eye, hair colour.

Treat yourself with wonderful makeover experience in the beautiful Truly Carole Ann Studio.
This luxurious package includes:

  • Hair styling
  • Manicure
  • Makeup
  • Photographs


Find YOUR colors, and learn how to wear them BEST


This service will really show you what colours suit you and which to avoid in the shops and online. (time saving or what?) Your wardrobe will be filled with clothes you look great in.

In this service we will look at when to wear certain colours: what colours to wear to work to reinforce your message, what colours to wear for impact, power and confidence, and what to wear for relaxation and serenity.

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