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Well, once you are well dressed, you've got to finish the package. Best dermatologist, check. Hairstylist to the stars, yup. Organic facials, check. Best brows, yes. The only spray tan that looks like a Caribbean weekend, of course!

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Carole Ann is an expert at colour, style and putting together a capsule wardrobe. She is honest with you if she thinks something doesn’t suit you and very encouraging with you and encouraging with you if something does. She is talented, warm, and very experienced having worked in the retail industry before starting her family. I recommend you try her services. Also, if you are thinking about starting a side hustle, she is your gal. Free clothes anyone? Beautiful team to join of like-minded fashion loving ladies? Check, check.


Carole Ann has the eye and vision to know what clothes will work for me both professionally and causally. With her assistance I have a wardrobe that shows me at my best and challenges me on the “safe” options I might otherwise opt for.

E. M. Jones

Whatever age, shape, size or colour you may be, Carole Ann will make you feel your best self. She is my trusted go to for style advice and is helping me to embrace my new look after cancer treatment. Truly amazing lady.

A. T. founder Tenfold Media

Always struggled with what to wear as smart casual to work, Carole Ann showed me that there are more options than just formal black suits or jeans and t shirts.

S.H. – Senior project manager

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Friendtex is an established Danish brand with more than 30 years of experience in selling high quality, affordable fashion. With a collection of comfortable and elegant styles Its got an emphasis on stylish casualwear. Book a free 1 to 1 consultation and I can take you through the collection or shop it on this website.

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French chic from Captain Tortue. This brand has been established for over 25 years and can only be bought from Consultants such as myself and is not available in shops. It’s a Smart casual coordinated collection. Book a 1 to 1 zoom call for free and I will take you through the collection and find your look to suit your personality and needs. Available from size 6 to 24.

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Colours will inspire you – The psychological impact of colour
Colours will inspire you – The psychological impact of colour

15 years ago, I was trained to tell clients what colours suited them best according to Hair, Skin and Eye colour. Now after years of providing this service to many clients I have done much more research on colour and there are many, many more…


I have a few memories of doing sponsored walks and collecting coins by shaking a tin on streets from a young age, as I grew up in a family which was willing to give to others. It was part of my upbringing and something must…

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