Colours to suit YOU

This 2 hour consultation will really show you what colours suit you and which to avoid in the shops and online. (time saving or what?) Your wardrobe will be filled with clothes you look great in.

Need help with this? I’m your personal stylist, here to show you your best 42 colours using the Colour Me Beautiful approved colour analysis system.

As an extra we can show you the colours you should be wearing in make up from the foundation to the lip colour.

No more confusion or wasted money on clothes or make up.

Here is how it works:

I will look at your eye, skin and hair colour to determine your dominant colouring and test for your other characteristics. This gives you 42 of your colours to wear. (there are 1000s of colours in this world by the way)

I will spend some time advising you on make up colourings in foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipsticks etc.

We all need some wow colours in our lives for wowing your clients, friends, partners and even strangers. I will go through your 42 colours and highlight those colours which not only impress all around but you will feel better as well such is the power of colour.

You will go away with 42 colour pallete with your best colours and a make up colour card.
The 42 colours you best suit will be in picture/photograph form unless you want to pay £55 + P&P extra for a wallet and the cloth version and these will be sent to you.
Price is £250 including the follow up after 30 days.

The new YOU!

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