When I turned 40 I treated myself to a makeover in London. What a disappointment! I have to admit, the photographs were great, but everything else was very poor. The whole experience got 2/10: a dirty, cluttered warehouse space, a cramped room to apply make-up and get changed in, and the cost was astronomical. The real disappointment though was the lack of customer service and care. I was clearly just a number. I came away feeling totally conned, and every time I look at the photos I’m reminded of a bad experience.

Fast-forward 15 years and here I am in the position to offer the absolute opposite of that experience. This experience will leave you feeling a million dollars and you’ll have the photographs to keep forever.

Here’s how it works

You will receive a questionnaire to fill in about yourself. We will then have a 30 minute Zoom call with the photographer Jayne Saunderson[TT1]  to discuss photos, and my go-to hairdresser Michelle Lopez, [TT2] to discuss your clothing and make-up options. We will discuss your clothes and the colours and styles you suit. From this discussion we will prepare for the session and the clothes will either be new clothes I’ve ordered in for you or your own favourites that maximise your assets. In short, exactly what you want from this experience.

We’ll book you in to come to my studio for this wonderful service. We will then style your hair, and I will do your clothes and make-up ready for your photography session.

We will all do our absolute best to ensure you come away feeling the best version of yourself. You could perhaps choose a day where you have an evening event. You’ll feel amazing and the hair and makeover gets admired. Win-win!

This service will take 3 hours: 45 minutes consultation and 2 hours 15 minutes shoot. Price tbc. Photography price is dependent on brief and number of photos chosen.

Please note we have proper changing facilities and choices for where photography can take place. It can be indoors in a specially set-up area in the studio, or outdoors in the garden.

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