This service will give you CLARITY on how your wardrobe works for you and your lifestyle. Are there clothes for every occasion, whether it be work, evenings functions, weekend, and loungewear? Whatever clothes your life demands are together we will find the wardrobe to smash your look. This service can be done in your home or virtually.

How well organised is your storage space for clothes? I will show you how do turn your cluttered closet into an organised storage with outfits to easily see and choose from. All your clothes will be in the right place and have a place. I will also teach you how to be prepared for all occasions. Stress, indecision, frustration disappear in matters sartorial.

After completing the intake Survey and taking some photos of your wardrobe ( here’s the guide .e-mail me ) we will have a look together at your clothing storage space and I will assess it.

I talk through the principles of how to manage your space to give it maximum clarity. I use examples from your storage space to show you how to organise it best and we sort it out together.

This service takes 2 hours to deliver the principles of wardrobe organisation and how to best do it. Everyone’s wardrobe is different and everyone’s needs are individual. (book here) A free 30 minute progress consultation is included (book here).
You may like to book me for an hour at a time after this session to progress the project and completed.(book here )


£100 for 2 hour consultation.

30 minute follow up is free

£50 per hour for follow up appointments and practical solutions


Once you have done the Wardrobe Edit you will see you have gaps in your wardrobe. Over time you will probably want to fill the gaps. It may be a white shirt, a black dress, a pair of taupe tapered trousers, or a summer throw it on dress. I will help you find those items.
Just contact me when you are ready after the Wardrobe edit and I’ll give you options to make you wardrobe more complete and therefore working harder for you and your life.
Price per project.