This session will give you the clothes look you really really want but for a better price. It’s a minefield out there. You often don’t get what you pay for. I’m here to help you achieve the look you so want but cant afford but at a fraction of the price.
As Seen on Screen!
Have you ever looked at someone on television, film or online and wondered where they got it from and how much it would cost? I’ll help you find the actual item or better still the best version of it to suit your budget and without that hefty price tag.
Here is how it works: I’ll need you to fill in a form to get to know you. Then you can tell me what items you want to find and your budget. I can then find out the best options for you to look at and try. We can go through them together at a preorganised time or I can send you the links and you can have the option to buy. You get the item you love to suit your budget.
The cost of this service will be based on time spent and number of items I’m searching for.
An initial 30 min consultation is free. The actual work according to project and budget is £50 per hour.