Re-Shop your Wardrobe

Are you someone who has many clothes in your wardrobe but never the right outfit for that special occasion? Been there and thought that! If you are ever uncertain about what to wear, and lack confidence about how to combine your individual clothes into a stunning outfit, I can help give you clarity.

I advise you to look into your own wardrobe first, before you do anything else!

Here’s how it works

I will ask you to do a simple questionnaire so I can understand you and your needs better. We will then delve into your wardrobe together, either virtually or at your home. We’ll assess what you own and consider potential scenarios in your lifestyle to build up your outfits and create a capsule wardrobe.

By the end of this session you will feel a lot more confident about colour and outfit combinations. You will have a fresh view of your wardrobe and found new life and possibilities for your own clothes.

This service will be of more benefit to you, but not essential, if you have already done the Wardrobe Edit service and you are currently wearing, and will wear for the next 6 months, all items in your wardrobe.

Price is £100 per hour.

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