Services For Men

Clothes make the man

For all of us, whether we are in the public eye or not, managing our appearance is an important part of who we are. It makes a visual statement about our personality and our lifestyle, as well as indicating our abilities and confidence. In today’s world, image really does matter.

Carole Ann’s consultations for men will help you build on all the elements necessary to dress well and look current. When you understand more about the effects of colour, styles and how they work with your body shape, you will find it easier, and quicker, to shop for clothes you enjoy wearing. Other elements include looking at fit, fabrics and cuts, how you can express your personality through your clothes, good grooming and dressing to suit the occasion.

Where do I start?

  • As a first step to your new image you might want to begin with a Colour Consultation, as colour is the most simple and effective way to improve your look
  • If you are ready to address your entire image then we recommend the full Image for Men consultation. This will help you understand what colours and styles suit you and why and help you make the right clothing choices as well as give you advice on grooming.

Whatever your aim, perhaps you want to improve your image at work or find a different casual style that complements your look and that you feel happy in, our consultants will tailor the sessions to ensure you achieve the result you want.