Captain Tortue french clothing collections; Capt’n Tortue, Miss Captain and Lady Captain.

Captain Tortue was established 15 years ago by Phillipe and Lillian Jaquelinet in Aix en Provence, France.

Lillian originally started designing and making baby clothing, and then added a children’s range, for girls and boys.

The full Captain Tortue range was introduced successfully to the UK 6 years ago.

Over time, Phillipe and Lillian discovered that the more petite mums were choosing to wear the larger sizes in the girls’ collections, and Lillian was regularly encouraged to develop a ladies’ range.

Eventually the Miss Captain range was launched in France 6 years ago, and in the UK in autumn 2008.

It has been a roaring success in both countries.

All ranges provide boutique styles, without the boutique price tag.

Our collections are developed from wonderful designs and prints, unique to Captain Tortue, and manufactured from fabulous fabrics which sustain the heaviest wear.

Host a Fashion Viewing

Invite a few friends round and I will show you the current collections. You will have the opportunity to try the clothing on and I can also help you with your choices. There is no obligation to buy anything. The hostess will receive a discount (based on the sales) on her own order as a thank you .


If you would like to hold a fundraiser for your playgroup, PTA or charity please contact me to discuss. 10% of sales will be paid direct to your charity.

Private Viewing

If you would prefer a more personal shopping experience I can visit your home and you can browse the collections, shopping without having to leave your home.